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Sales training boosts a salespersons performance by an average of 20%. Give your sales team access to training that will absolutely help them get better results for you.

  • We help your new salespeople hit the ground running with foundational training

  • We give your entire sales team access to ongoing learning and development

  • We teach your sales leaders how to maximize the potential of their sales team

Trusted by 250+ Teams...

Tom Hopkins

Founder - Hopkins International

“Sales can be taught in many different ways. The CAP Equation is one of the rare sales teaching methods that can wrap around and compliment all other methods, giving new PERSPECTIVE to them.”

Daniel P. Amos

Chairman & CEO - Aflac

“The CAP Equation—the 3-part sales equation is simple, powerful and practical. If you build this equation, your wealth in sales will follow. This is a MUST HAVE program for anyone serious about a successful career in sales.”

Jeb Blount

CEO - Sales Gravy

“CAP is a systematic and holistic approach to obtaining success in sales. It removes the ‘noise’. I tell salespeople to, ‘Eat, Sleep and Prospect.’ Joe’s been doing that for over forty years and he has the scars and bank account to prove it.”

About the mentumm Co-Founders

Tom Healy and Joe Buzzello

Tom and Joe are the Co-Founders of mentumm and both have a passion for developing salespeople and sales teams. They have a combined 60+ years of developing people through building companies, delivering workshops, publishing books, creating online content and working 1:1 with sales teams around the country. They are excited to share this content with you and hope it is impactful!

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